magnum development

World’s largest battery storage facility being built in Utah salt caverns

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems (MHPS) and Magnum Development are building an advanced clean energy storage (ACES) facility in central Utah. The facility will be able to serve 150,000 households for an entire year, the companies said.

MHPS is the global market share leader for heavy duty gas turbines.The company has developed gas turbine technology that enables a mixture of renewable hydrogen and natural gas to produce power with lower carbon emissions than traditional natural gas. The company hopes to power its gas turbines with 100% renewable hydrogen gas, which MHPS claims will enable its solutions to produce electricity with zero carbon emissions.

Magnum Development owns and controls a domal-quality salt formation in the western United States, and operates five salt caverns for liquid fuels storage adjacent to the Intermountain Power Project. The company is developing compressed air energy storage and renewable hydrogen storage systems. Magnum says its site is positioned to integrate with western U.S. power grid infrastructure.

The two companies claim the Utan project will develop 1,000 megawatts (not megawatt hours) of 100% clean energy storage using a mix of large-scale flow batteries and solid oxide fuel cells, along with renewable hydrogen and compressed air energy storage solutions from Magnum Development and MHPS.

“Magnum has the below-ground technologies necessary to store energy at utility scale, while MHPS has the above-ground technologies such as hydrogen-fired gas turbines, compressed air storage, solid oxide fuel cells and battery storage technology, to supply electricity at grid scale,” said Craig Broussard, CEO of Magnum, in a statement. “With the ACES initiative, we will dramatically accelerate the vision of a western renewable energy hub.”

(In an interview with Power Magazine, the two companies clarified its 1,000 MW claim. The size of the salt dome “means the amount of storage is virtually unlimited and ultimately constrained by the market demand and technologies that create the power,” the company said.)


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