FuelGems’ nanotech can reduce engine fuel consumption

Startup FuelGems has unveiled a new nanotechnology that it says will help curb gasoline and diesel usage.

FuelGems’ nanoparticle additive is able to decrease fuel consumption by 7-10%. The nanoparticles also act as a lubricant, increasing the lifespan of the engine, fuel injectors, and fuel pump. Drivers can add 1-3 grams of the nanoparticles to their fuel tanks when filling up. Large fleet operators can add the mixture to centralized filling station fuel tanks. FuelGems says the nanoparticles are ecologically safe and pose no harm to vehicles nor the environment.

In a news release, FuelGems said the proprietary technology has undergone extensive R&D and testing in both university lab and real-world road tests. It claims users can achieve up to 700% return on investment in fuel costs and extended engine life using the nanoparticles.

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