Cleantech Firm Uses Nano-Reactors to Create Hydrogen Gas

Cleantech firm H2 Energy Renaissance has made what it calls a breakthrough for a new epoch in using nano technology in energy generation at commercial scale.

H2 Energy Renaissance has developed a hydrogen generator that can be used to create clean, renewable and safe alternative fuel from hydrogen. The generator uses water, aluminum and 150 watts of electricity. The hydrogen gas is produced using electro-hydraulic shock, applied to aluminum plates submerged in water. Temperatures in the reaction surpass those found on the surface of the sun, which helps the hydrogen molecules break free. In all, there are 16 chemical and physical processes that take place in the generator while producing the hydrogen gas.

The company’s patented technology also creates “an environment for the formation of electrochemical nano-reactors,” the company claims. These nano-reactors can also be used as a battery system: they can be accumulated into a mass and used to build batteries that are safe, non-toxic and fully recyclable, the company claims.

“We developed nano technology for the energy sector which gives two highly valuable products,” said Jack Aganyan, president and head of research at H2 Energy Renaissance. The hydrogen production system offers 97% purity, and can be used as fuel, converted to electricity or heat. For every pound of aluminum, used in the reaction, two pounds of nano-reactors are created, and over 2.5 kilograms of hydrogen is produced. Aganyan estimates that $40 worth of output costs only $1.5 to manufacture. “High margins allow hydrogen pricing to undercut fossil fuels by up to 90%,” the company said.

H2 Energy claims its hydrogen process is cheaper than fossil fuels, and hydrogen can be used to power almost all electrical needs. “Island communities like Hawai’i and Japan will have unlimited access to safe power,” the company said.

“We know where this technology is applicable today,” said  Kirill Gichunts, CEO of H2 Energy Renaissance. “We have requests to fulfill orders that will generate $500 million in revenue in a few years and make India, China, the Americas, Europe and Japan much cleaner and end climate change.”

Watch the video below:


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