Flying Kite Generates Energy from the Wind

Kite Power Solutions (KPS) and its consortium of technology partners has secured a $1.4 million (USD) grant from the UK government to accelerate the development of its unique bladeless wind energy generation technology.

KPS has developed a kite power solution that it says offers many advantages over traditional wind turbines, especially in offshore applications.  The technology uses two large kites flown between 500 and 750 meters up. The kites are attached to a winch on the ground by tether, which generates electricity as the tether spools out. In the case of offshore deployments, the kite system is attached to a winch located on a floating platform. The system uses high wind speeds to pull against the tether and turn the winch, which powers a generator. The kite system is less expensive to manufacture and easier to deploy than wind turbines. The kite systems are also easier to maintain, making offshore deployments more efficient. They can be installed using smaller boats, and can operate during extreme weather events. KPS says its technology offer capex reductions of up to 50% over conventional offshore wind turbines.

KPS says its system “opens up deep water markets that are as of yet untouched by conventional offshore wind” in areas such as Portugal and Japan.

KPS plans to deploy its first 3MW onshore kite power system by 2019, and will have an offshore deployment in place by 2021. The grant money will be used to help KPS scale up its technology for its planned deployments.

Watch a video about the KPS kite system here:

Feature image: © Kite Power Solutions Ltd 2016


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